Click On a Class to sign up or buy a class pass

1. Click (Sign up for a "FREE CLASS" if you are a newbie or member (IF YOU DO NOT HAVE AN ACCOUNT) by clicking on a class) and it will send you an temporary password to you email (You have to bypass all of the memberships. Or you can drop-in. If you had an account created for you - Check your emails from the Studio and go to steps 2 & 3. 

2. Through the link in email, you will set up your account with your new password and 2 waivers

3. Download the app and see the classes you have reserved. 

**  Classes that are already booked on the previous Class Schedule (Punch Pass) page WILL be honored as first priority. Please check the original page for any classes that are full. Since this is a trial site, the calendar is not embedded. If we proceed with the site, it hopefully will be. Happy playing around!