We are Back! Eat Healthy...

When you think veggies, the last thing on your mind is a parsnip. I didn't even know what a parsnip was until my husband started working at Green chef. Now I LOVE parsnip fries... and let's add I am doing good for my body when I eat them. 

Parsnips are root vegetables that actually were a sweetening agent before sugar cane. They can be eaten raw, but most chefs prefer them cooked (so do I). 

"Some of the most important health benefits of parsnips include their ability to lower the chances of developing diabetes, reducing cholesterol levels, improve healthy digestive processes, prevent depression, protect against birth defects in infants, promotes proper growth and development, strengthens the immune system, and lower blood pressure to protect cardiovascular health. "


Best of all...  cut them up longways, toss them in a little olive oil and sea salt, bake them for 30mins at 425 degrees.... they make incredible fries!



Brooke BlairComment