Keep your eyes open!

I know we get excited when joining new fitness facilities. Many are specialized as have amazing workouts! But pay attention to your bill.  

Smaller places tend to not charge taxes, annual fees, etc. because if gets too complicated. So when we give you a deal, it's a steal. When we have our normal prices, it's STILL a deal for whatever we are serving. 

Corporate facilities tend to give you conditional pricing especially when it's sale time. And don't forget your $40+ annual fee and taxes. So at the end of the day, you are paying a higher Price after the initiation fee at signup. Make sure it's the gym you want to go to because if you have to stop for whatever reason, you could still owe charges. 

HPF + Studio is a family and we take everything into consideration. At the end of the day we have to pay our bills too as a small business, but we always put you first. 



An example of an annual fee.  

Brooke BlairComment